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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Seasoning Salts and Vanilla Sugar

Seasoning Salts for Mother's Day

Every year, we try to post ideas for Mother’s Day – usually around the meal for that day. This year, we wanted to give you ideas for a Gift: Seasoning Salts and Vanilla Sugar! This year, we’ve been talking with my mom about what to gift and have it be budget friendly.

A few months ago, we were having a foodies meeting (and running some errands) with Helga, and we found these nice containers for just over a dollar at Cemaco – they were so cute I got a couple! Fast forward and I went back to Cemaco to see if they still had the same containers for this year’s mother’s gifts. Turns out they had a few left (7), with black and white lids. That was useful so I would know which salt was what.

Since I was making also Vanilla Sugar, I already saved two other glass jars with white lids and one with a golden one. Those were from Jams and Sauces so, after boiling them and removing the labels they looked as new! Overall, I got the 10 containers under $10. The salt and sugar was about $3 and I spent around $15 on spices. I went to get the spices and vanilla pods at Superb. They have a wide selection and sell them just like Penzeys does in the US. Walking into the store is so much fun! You don’t know where to go and what to grab first. Superb is also the place where I got all the ingredients for the Best Granola Recipe I shared with you back in January. All around, the total money spent on 10 Mother’s Day Gifts is under $30. A bargain if you ask me!

As we want to honor all the moms in our lives, what’s better than give them a little something that they can use on those days where you just have time for a quick meal? Moms, we got you covered!

Italian Seasoned Salt

Spice Seasoned Salt

Rosemary & Lavender Citrus Salt

Vanilla Salt

Vanilla Sugar

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Seasoning Salts and Vanilla Sugar

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Seasoning Salts and Vanilla Sugar

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Seasoning Salts and Vanilla Sugar

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