Vanilla Sugar
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Vanilla Sugar

A simple ingredient like sugar can make a difference between a delicious cake and a blah one. With the sweetness of sugar and the subtle flavor of vanilla, you can enhance many of life’s every day things: Oatmeal, Fruit, Coffee or Tea. This is even better when you substitute for plain sugar in baked goods, boosting the flavor – even if it’s just sprinkled on top.

The best thing about Vanilla Sugar, is that you can indefinitely keep making more as you need: just add more sugar to your container and you’re done! This is a perfect way to avoid wasting any vanilla beans after they have been used.


Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown
Makes 2 cups

2 Cups of sugar
1 vanilla bean (seeds scraped)


  1. Cut each vanilla bean into two or three pieces, enough so they can be placed in a container.
  2. Fill with sugar and after only a few hours, the vanilla beans will be completely dry and a quick shake of the container will break up any clumps of sugar that formed.
  3. The sugar can them be stored indefinitely, replenished with fresh sugar or additional vanilla beans as necessary to make more.

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