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Happy Hour: Pear & Fennel Seed Gin Cocktail

Gin is one of my favorite spirits, and this month with so many autumn flavors being used in baked goods and hot beverages, I felt like trying this mix with pears and fennel seeds.  The fennel seeds give off a delicious and warm flavor, so a little goes a long way. They have an anise-like flavor profile, which combines perfectly with the sweetness of the pear. We recommend you use bosc pears, since they are sweeter.

I like to add a splash of simple syrup to some of my cocktails, and also use both tonic and seltzer water, not just tonic water. I find the resulting drink is fresher and… I just like it better that way. You can leave the selzer out, and use only tonic water, which is usually how the original recipes are made. So it would be 3 oz of gin and 6 oz of tonic water for 2 drinks.

Happy Hour: Pear & Fennel Seed Gin Cocktail

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Pear & Fennel Seed Gin Cocktail

A Foodies’ Kitchen Original
Serves: 2

1 pear (bosc)
1 teaspoons fennel seeds
1-oz. simple syrup
3-oz. gin
3-oz. tonic water
3-oz. carbonated water (seltzer)


  1. Brown the fennel seeds lightly over low heat.
  2. Divide pear into eight pieces and divide them into two glass along with the fennel seeds.
  3. Fill glasses with ice cubes, add 0.5-oz. of simple syrup, 1.5-oz. of gin to each glass and stir.
  4. Top off with 1.5-oz. tonic water, and 1.5-oz. carbonated water for each glass.

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Happy Hour: Pear & Fennel Seed Gin Cocktail

Happy Hour: Pear & Fennel Seed Gin Cocktail


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