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So, what’s a Foodie? A foodie is someone that has an ardent or refined taste in food. However, we believe that anyone can be a foodie. Just as a good student has a thirst of knowledge, a Foodie wants  to learn about food and experience all the different flavors, textures and combinations… be it from day to day meals to the most refined dishes. You don’t have to know the difference between grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but a Foodie will be interested in that.

We’ve worked very hard to make this site for you. Here, you will find recipes that we’ve prepared in our kitchens, research to make your cooking easier. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and as we’ve found here, share with friends. Grab a cup of coffee and start browsing!

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Kitty & Helga

Homemade Apple Sauce (and variations)

This recipe has no sugar in it, but as your baby gets older and can include a little bit of sugar in his or her diet, you can add some to sweeten it. Below are some variations using this apple sauce as a base.


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Substitution Tables

Can you remember that time when you were preparing a recipe… and halfway through it, you realize you’ve run out of butter!- which you can replace with shortening and water, or you just didn’t pick up the bag of brown sugar at the supermarket, but happen to have some molasses laying around… for those tight situations, we’ve prepared this substitution tables for you. For easy reference you can bookmark this page, drag each table to your desktop or download the PDF for you to keep and print!


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