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Spicy Grilled Chicken with Bean Salad (and Cumin Vinaigrette)

This is a quick, balanced and very healthy meal. Low on fat, and high in flavor. It looks like an elaborate dish, but it can be made in 30 min!


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You know you’re really a mom when… And a Cosmopolitan Recipe

  • You count the number of sprinkles on each kid’s cupcake to make sure they are equal.
  • You want to take out a contract on the kid who broke your child’s favorite toy and made him/her cry.
  • You have time to shave only one leg at a time.
  • You hide in the bathroom to be alone.
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Mother’s Day Fiasco

I have just gone through my worst cooking experience EVER. I may need therapy.

I had a Mother’s Day get together on Saturday at my apartment, my mom, mother in law, aunt and cousin were coming over.  A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make some cupcakes (big surprise, right?), but not just any cupcake, I wanted rose flavored cupcakes.

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