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Chocolate Cake with Roasted Strawberry-Balsamic Swiss Buttercream

I spotted a recipe for Roasted strawberry-balsamic Swiss buttercream (that’s a mouthful!) and  I knew the time had come. It was time to conquer buttercream. I had tried to make it once before… it was unfortunate.  See my Mother’s Day post  for the horror.  I did succeed after, when I made my World Cup Cupcakes, but I made Italian Meringue buttercream that time, and honestly… I do prefer to try the Swiss technique so I don’t have to deal with temperatures and sugar crystallization. To be honest with you, the whole sugar crystallization thing is still a gamble with me, sometimes I get the syrup right and sometimes the thing crystallizes on me and sends me on a cursing and stomping rage.  Then, I try again.

I called Kitty up, I needed backup. (She can make buttercream) We got together for a Foodies’ day of baking.  Glad to say, I think I have the Swiss buttercream technique down. The trick is the butter temperature. It has to be at room temperature, but still firm enough that you can slice it and still get neatly shaped squares, do you know what I mean?  I am so pleased with the results, I will try to make it again, tweaking a few things here and there. I would like to get more “merenguiness” (I don’t think that word exists, but you get me ) and less butter flavor. I already have my eye on a few recipes that I will try soon.

Now, about this specific recipe with the roasted strawberries.Oh… my…God.  You have to try it. Balsamic vinegar and strawberries love each other, and you can really taste the natural strawberry flavor in this.   For the batter, we used Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe.  You can’t go wrong there.

I’ll walk you through the cake recipe first, and then below you will find the buttercream recipe.

You can also see more pictures of the procedure over at our Flickr stream! http://bit.ly/GTOVom


Chocolate Cake & Cupcakes with Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Buttercream

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting

While this is not the first time we’ve done Nutella and Cupcakes, this is the first time we’ve used Nutella with Buttercream Frosting. The original recipe calls for 1 pound of confectioner’s sugar… but I have to say it was a bit too much for me. So, after sifting it, I was adding it by the spoonful and I ended up adding just a little bit over 2 cups of sugar. This recipe also calls for heavy cream instead of milk. It gives the buttercream a much better body to it. Will definitely stick to that on my next Buttercream Frosting recipe.


Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting

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