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Halloween Cheddar Cheese Ball

Looking for an appetizer to serve at your Halloween party?  Having trouble finding something that doesn’t have eyes, or gory gross stuff on it?  This cheddar cheese ball covered with poppy seeds is a perfect choice for an adult Halloween party.  I’ve made it a couple of times already, and it never fails to please.  Serve it with toasted pumpernickel bread for added drama (this bread is black), or with any type of toasted bread.

This is definitely an appetizer for grownups, the sharp cheddar cheese is blended with sherry and sour cream to make the base which is formed into a ball, it’s not exactly a kid friendly flavor.   The beauty of this is you can make it ahead of time, so when your guests arrive you just need to pull it out of the fridge and start pouring the wine!


Halloween Cheddar Cheese Ball

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