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Little Foodies: Easy Chocolate Fudge

Fudge is one of the Christmas candy recipes I remember looking at when I was a kid. I say looking at because this is not the type of candy people would make in Guatemala, so I used to browse at the photographs in my mom’s cookbooks when I was small, and recipes like Fudge, Divinity and Candied Popcorn balls always caught my attention, these treats were featured in the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, which was my favorite back then.

Mom didn’t really cook, so we didn’t have tools for making candy at home…and also, I was only 6. As I got older, and my interest for cooking persisted, I started acquiring my own kitchen tools and through trial and error, and a year in cooking school, I have managed to learn what I know today. But, I always remember those cookbooks at this time of year.

To make traditional fudge, you need a candy thermometer to carefully monitor the temperature and you have to beat it by hand to get the right texture. Why go to all that trouble when you can use a recipe like this one? And best of all,  it’s easy enough to make with your kids! Read the whole recipe first, and make sure you let the mixture boil for the 5 minutes it requires, but always stirring it to avoid the mixture to burn at the bottom.  This is the step that will get you the right consistency.  Also, have your loaf pan prepared beforehand: line it with wax paper and lightly coat it with cooking spray.

You can mix in toasted walnuts, crushed peppermint candy, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, or simply use sprinkles to decorate by pressing them on the top, as we did.

Safety Alert!

  • This recipe requires stove-top time.  Use your discretion to let the child participate in active stove-top steps.


Little Foodies: Easy Chocolate Fudge

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Foodies Freebie: December 2015 Wallpaper Collection

The Holidays are here! For our December 2015 Wallpaper Collection we share some of our favorite holiday cookies and bars, including lebkuchen (store bought, no shame!) and an upcoming recipe of Cranberry Bar Cookies that are perfect for the season. This is definitely one of our favorite times of year. Friends and family come back from abroad (or you can go visit them!), we share so much more time with loved ones and time seems to pass slowly. Something magical happens when you bring the family together: whatever bumps on the road one might be going through, suddenly they seem lighter and laughter is stretched from the afternoons to the evening.

We also feature a special version of the wallpaper, from Little Foodies. Kristen is home at school vacation, and when she saw that we were working on the December Calendar, she wanted to do her own version of it, so she added a few of her own hand-made decorations into the picture. Bellow our Desktop wallpapers, you will find the Little Foodies version of our downloadable.

We hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy this time with your family and friends!

Helga & Kitty

Foodies Freebie: December 2015 Wallpaper Collection

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Foodies Freebie: December 2013 Wallpaper Collection

December is a month full of goodness: family, friends, the closing of a year and the preparation for the next. This is a month were most of us spend plenty of time in the kitchen preparing for both Christmas and New Years dinner, but we love it (we do!): as soon as our guests take that first bite, they see all the cookies, all the goodies set up on the table, kids building their first gingerbread house… We love it!

Today we are sharing our December  2013 Wallpaper Collection with you, featuring some of our favorite ornaments ‘ we love that lil’ gingerbread man! As always all of our desktops are iOS7 and Retina display friendly. Feel free to download them all!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies Freebie: December 2013 Wallpaper Collection - Draft

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