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Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies

This has to be my favorite sugar cookies recipe to use as a base for different variations.

I already used this sugar recipe for our Valentine’s Day Cookies dipped in chocolate, and now I’m pairing them with strawberry jam… and they are a hit. What I love about this cookie recipe is that they don’t puff up too much, so they are perfect to use for sandwich cookies.

When I made the Valentine’s Day cookies back in February, I wanted to bring some to my 93-year-old grandmother… but here’s the thing: she doesn’t like chocolate or anything too sweet. So, to make a set of cookies that she would love, I looked into my cookie cutter tin and found a set of Williams-Sonoma pie plunge cutters. Because I couldn’t find the exact ones I used, I went to Amazon to find a set that would serve you well. These little flowers are just perfect for the cookies.

I used a plastic piping bag to portion the strawberry jam onto the cookies, so it was easier to have control over the amount of jam and the cookies. Make sure you don’t add jam all the way to the sides of the cookie, so when you press two cookies together you don’t squeeze some of the jam out to the edges. A little goes a long way.

The cookies keep great for a week or so in an air-tight container in the fridge, but are best within the first 5 days.


Strawberry Jam Sugar Cookies

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Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

Are you planning on baking something for Valentine’s? We love every holiday, and on February 14th, you can give out simple gifts all around: for the teachers at the kid’s school,  bring goodies to work… and still have some extra cookies waiting for you at home. This is the third time I am baking this recipe from Bridget at Bake at 350. I baked them twice over the end-of-year holidays, and when I saw a pin from Lindsay’s version with chocolate a few weeks ago, I knew I had to make these sugar cookies once again.

Lately, my favorite cookie baking tool is this Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling-pin. It has 4 different width rings, so you roll out the perfect cookies or pie crust. I took out only the first ring, so the cookies are ¼” thick. For the cookie cutter… I just had biscuit cutters that are too big for cookies, so looking around I found the perfect size: shot glasses! I tried different ones, and I settled for the 1-½” shot glass  to make my cookies. If you use a smaller cutter, you will get more cookies.

Have you ever used candy coating? This was my first time, so to properly melt it, I was suggested by the nice lady at Blossom Cakes that I should do it along with 2 tablespoons of melting crystals to ensure that the coating is smooth and soft enough to coat the cookies. So, when going to buy your supplies, ask for them too.

Do you see that gorgeous bright red coffee mug in our pictures? I got it last year at San Martín Bakery. And this year I am heading back to get the ones from 2016. They are gorgeous… and can hold plenty of coffee!

May you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the ones you love :)


Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

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Cranberry Bars

This is my favorite time of year, and it’s also my busiest. Not only because of the holidays…no matter how much I try to get everything organized, somehow I end up having a greater amount of work all around, but I still want to have homemade goodies for my family, part of what I like about this time of year is time in the kitchen with my daughter, especially if I can find a delicious, festive and easy treat. This recipe is just that.

The original recipe calls for fresh cranberries to make the spread, but since we don’t find fresh cranberries in Guatemala, my version uses canned whole cranberry sauce. Make sure you don’t get the jellied cranberry sauce that you slice, I don’t know if that would work. I added a bit more sugar, and let it simmer for a while so it thickens, I also added some orange zest to give it extra flavor.

This is great for coffee, it’s not too sweet and the dough is flaky and it almost melts in your mouth. I guarantee you won’t be able to have just one piece!  To make them a bit more festive, you could use silver-colored sprinkles on top of the melted white chocolate. Use them before the chocolate hardens.


Cranberry Bar Cookies

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