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Julia Child’s Cherry Clafoutis

Julia lahild has penned many of our favorite books, including Mastering the Art of French Cooking, that we love to read. Julia’s recipes are on the dot. The ingredients as well as the utensils you would be using on a recipe, its yield and serving options when available. This Cherry Clafoutis is a mashup between a custard, a cake and a dutch baby… and a French Dessert that should be on your go-to recipes list.

It’s quick to whip together, cooks in a short time as well, and it will be the hit of the party. Traditionally its prepared with cherries, but it can be easily replaced with strawberries, raspberries or any diced plums or nectarines. The traditional recipe calls for pitted cherries, as they enhance the flavor, but since we were serving this as a dessert for New Year’s dinner, we decided that the cherries without the pits would be safer.

You can serve this custard warm just out of the oven, or reheated if you made it ahead of time. If you wish, you can sprinkle powdered sugar just before serving.


Julia Child's Cherry Clafouti

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Little Foodies: Chocolate Dipped Cones

If you want a really easy recipe to try with your kids, look no further.  Your kids will have fun dipping ice cream cones into melted chocolate and decorating them with the sprinkles of their choosing.   Aside from using the cones to eat ice cream, you can also use them as an edible container to load even more candy in them, such as bite size chocolates, or if you want to go for a healthier version, you could use them to put fruit in them, such as grapes and uncut strawberries that won’t make the cones soggy.  You can also use white chocolate, or colored candy melts.

Have fun!

Helga & Kitty

Little Foodies: Chocolate Dipped Cones - Draft
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Guatemalan Turrón

Guatemala has many different kinds of artisan candies, and you can find a lot of the recipes in grandmother’s old cookbooks.  The thing is, the recipes are impossible to follow, with instructions like “stir until it’s ready” or “cook until the desired consistency is reached”.  You will never get it right!

That is why when you are in the mood for these treats it’s best to go to specialty artisan candy stores who have the most authentic and almost secret recipes.  You can read about some of them in our September downloadable collection post.

A simple treat you can make at home is this “turrón”, which is basically an italian meringue with a few extra ingredients: lime juice, honey and a dusting of cinnamon. Adding these ingredients gives this candy a different flavor that resembles the one you find at artisan stores.  For our turrón we used silver sprinkles.


Turrón Chapín

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