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Guatemalan Cuisine: Chilaquilas

These are a staple in Guatemala and, in our house! In Guatemalan Cuisine, we have two kinds of chilaquilas: ones made from güisquil (also known as chayote), and these ones made with corn tortillas.

My dad loves this version so much, that when father’s day or his birthday come around, we know we have to make some for him to enjoy. He would also say that they are a versatile dish. For example, he can have 3 or 4 for dinner on the first day. Then, the following day he would re-heat two chilaquilas, and serve with two over-easy fried eggs, all topped with this versatile tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce, we prepare more often than the chilaquilas themselves. I love to have a jar of this plain no-fat tomato sauce in the fridge to serve with pasta, with eggs for breakfast, or to improve a bland soup.

All around, it’s a family favorite. Just a few days ago, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We had a very Guatemalan spread: chilaquilas and fried black beans, guacamole and tostadas. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!


Guatemalan Cuisine: Chilaquilas

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Guatemalan Turrón

Guatemala has many different kinds of artisan candies, and you can find a lot of the recipes in grandmother’s old cookbooks.  The thing is, the recipes are impossible to follow, with instructions like “stir until it’s ready” or “cook until the desired consistency is reached”.  You will never get it right!

That is why when you are in the mood for these treats it’s best to go to specialty artisan candy stores who have the most authentic and almost secret recipes.  You can read about some of them in our September downloadable collection post.

A simple treat you can make at home is this “turrón”, which is basically an italian meringue with a few extra ingredients: lime juice, honey and a dusting of cinnamon. Adding these ingredients gives this candy a different flavor that resembles the one you find at artisan stores.  For our turrón we used silver sprinkles.


Turrón Chapín

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Artisan Chocolate Pots de Créme with Rum Whipped Cream

September is our Independence month, and throughout the month we like to post Guatemalan recipes every year. We either post traditional dishes, or we add our own twist to recipes using Guatemalan ingredients. This year, we bring you these pots de créme, which is basically pudding with a fancy name. They are made with the basic milk and egg yolk mixture but the twist lies in the chocolate, we used artisan Guatemalan chocolate and a little coffee, as well as semi-sweet chocolate. You could also add a pinch of cayenne pepper to give it a little spice, we love to combine chocolate with this spicy ingredient.

Artisan chocolate is used to make hot chocolate beverage and it has a particular and very different taste compared to regular drinking chocolate or cocoa.  It comes in handmade tablets that contain sugar and sometimes cinnamon, they are hard and dry and have a grainy texture.  It completely dissolves in hot liquid, either milk or water, and its flavor is rich and earthy. Our international readers can probably find this chocolate in Latin food stores.

For the topping on this dessert, we took regular whipped cream to another level by adding Zacapa rum to it. Guatemalan’s don’t need an introduction to this rum, and a lot of you have probably already heard about it because it is famous for its quality, some say it is the best rum in the World. We agree.

You can certainly flavor your whipped cream with any other brand of dark rum, or type of liquor. An orange, or hazelnut liquor would work nicely.

Helga & Kitty

Guatemalan Chocolate Mousse

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