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Blog Love: October 2014

Hi there! We’re still around… We know, it’s been very quiet around here, but fret not, we are coming back. Between work, end of year school from our little souschef and a very cool and sweet surprise for those in Guate (around mid December), we’ve been busy bees. To start off, we are sharing our favorite Halloween posts from Pizzazzerie, A Beautiful Mess, Bake at 350, Celebrations at Home Blog, Birds Party, Simple Recipes and Bakerella.

Since we have been slow on our Halloween recipes this year, what’s better than to make our Blog Love a Halloween Edition. First, we have Simple Recipe’s Cinnamon Sugar Bats and some Spooky S’mores Bars from Bake at 350, then two recipes from Pizzazzerie: Silly Monster Halloween Cupcakes and Monster Eye Asparagus Gruyere Tart. After that, we head out to A Beautiful Mess for some Edible Chocolate Bowls, and Bakarella’s Mini mummies. They are adorable. And last but not least, some sweet DYI: Ghost Drink Stirrers from Celebrations at Home and Free Printable Trick or Treat Party Boxes from Bird’s Party. Definitely a full pack of themed goodies for your Halloween gathering.

We hope you enjoyed it and we promise we are back to our regular schedule posting this week! Do you have a favorite blog you want us to feature and share with the rest of our readers? Let us know on the comments or through our Contact Page.

Helga & Kitty

2014-10 Blog Love

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Foodies’ Halloween Special 2013

This year we are sharing our recipes from 2013 and our best recipes from our previous year. As we are translating many of our recipes, we want to share the ones we’ve posted before for all of you, in both Spanish and English. We are sharing from appetizers, to soup, drinks, classic sugar cookies and even caramel apples… just like the ones from Snow White’s evil queen, and quick desserts like our MilkyWay cupcakes that can be prepared with store bought chocolates.

Also, we are sharing a set of downloadable freebies to make your Halloween set up feel more Halloweeney!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies' Halloween Special 2013

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Eyeball Jello

Here’s another easy Halloween treat for you. Kitty shared a video from the girls of Crumbs and I thought it was a great idea to try out at home with Kristen.  It’s lychee stuffed with blueberries to make the eyes, and jello. It’s creepy, it’s sweet and perfect for kids.  I also liked that it’s not a sugar, or chocolate, or candy overloaded treat.  You can make these in small glasses, ramekins, or you can make a big bowl full of eyeballs.

In case you use something taller or bigger than a ramekin, for example a glass or a larger bowl: when you make your jello fill out ⅓ of the container with it, and let it set for about 40 minutes.  Then put your “eyeballs” in, and fill the rest of the bowl or glass with the remaining jello.  This will avoid the “eyeballs” to sink to the bottom.  That’s it!

I used frozen blueberries for my eyeballs, because it’s what I had.  Try to pick the smaller sized ones to stick into the lychee holes. And make sure you really tuck them in, so they don’t float out when you add your jello.  I let them thaw a little bit and ran water over them several times to help wash off the juice and keep them from staining the dessert.  I don’t know what would happen when you add the warm jello if you just use the frozen blueberries.

Aside from looking creepy, this is a really delicious and fresh tasting treat.

Happy Halloween!


Eyeball Jello

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