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Cranberry-Almond Holiday Rice

December is here, and with it comes unavoidable stress. Everyone’s schedule gets packed with activities and Christmas parties, or what we call convivios, and you want to make it to everything! You also probably want to throw a little convivio yourself and you try to find a date where most of your guest list can make it.  My schedule is specially packed because we have 5 family members’ birthdays during the first two weeks of December.  As much as you try to have a low-key, cozy, at home holiday… it’s impossible, right?

This month, we want to share easy but delicious recipes that you can use for your Christmas party, or holiday meal.  The first, is this cranberry-almond rice which is simple to make, but makes a big impression because of its delicious taste and its color palette.  It’s different from you usual rice dishes because the added cranberries give it a sweetness you don’t expect. Trust The Foodies’ Kitchen, and try this recipe.


Almond Cranberry Rice
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Foodies Freebie: December 2013 Wallpaper Collection

December is a month full of goodness: family, friends, the closing of a year and the preparation for the next. This is a month were most of us spend plenty of time in the kitchen preparing for both Christmas and New Years dinner, but we love it (we do!): as soon as our guests take that first bite, they see all the cookies, all the goodies set up on the table, kids building their first gingerbread house… We love it!

Today we are sharing our December  2013 Wallpaper Collection with you, featuring some of our favorite ornaments ‘ we love that lil’ gingerbread man! As always all of our desktops are iOS7 and Retina display friendly. Feel free to download them all!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies Freebie: December 2013 Wallpaper Collection - Draft

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Classic Shortbread Cookies

If you have a Sugar Cookie fan at home, these Classic Shortbread Cookies are going to be a hit. Since I made the cookie dough ahead of time, it was just a matter of thawing it correctly (moved down from the freezer to the fridge overnight) and baking them the morning of Christmas eve. I popped them in the oven, and as soon as they started baking my dad came around and got their scent. He thought that they were regular Sugar Cookies! But by the time he tried them, he was hooked! I have to say that these cookies have been one of the best ones I’ve baked – and the ones that I’ve got great feedback from too.


Classic Shortbread Cookies

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