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Updated iOS7 Wallpapers

Have you updated to iOS7? It’s what everybody is talking about. We both decided to update our devices, and after getting used to the change we have to say that the best reaction to the visually updated iPad was from Kristen. The conversation went something like this (Helga hands the iPad back to Kristen after updating it):

Kristen: “Mom, can you please put it like it was before?”
Helga:”No sweetie, this is how it looks now.”
Kristen:”No, really, put it back like it was!”

After a few times using the iPad, she was back to enjoying all her Sarah Carey videos as usual. So like Kristen, we all had our initial shock of the new look of iOS7 and after playing with all the settings and figuring what’s new and what changed, we noticed that both the wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone were a bit off center. So, we decided to fix them up for you! From now on, all our future iPad and iPhone wallpapers will be iOS7 friendly, and for the users that are not upgrading their devices, you won’t even notice the difference!

Kitty & Helga


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Foodies Freebie: June 2013 Wallpaper Collection

Father’s Day is around the corner! Already halfway through 2013, but it feels like we unveiled the new look just yesterday. We are loving how or little blog is growing, and we are looking forward to give you more ideas for your kitchen and collaborating with other bloggers along the way. Yesterday, we noticed that Hani from Craftionary, included us on her 17 kid-friendly recipes for Fathers Day article. Today, we share our monthly freebie, a Wallpaper Collection that features an amazing set of Grapefruits! We will share this recipe soon, you won’t believe how good they are. And of course, they look gorgeous. As always, you can download the wallpapers for your desktop, iPad and iPhone, and since last month, the calendar is both in spanish and english. You will find the download button below each picture.

Oh, Don’t forget that you have just a few more days (until June 5th) to enter our First Giveaway! You can win the Cocina al Chile cookbook by Jimena Rubio. Click here for more info and good luck! We already have over 35 entries. 

Kitty & Helga

Desktop Calendars and Wallpapers for June 2013

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Foodies Freebie: May 2013 Wallpaper Collection

Can you believe it’s May already? We are a few days away from unveiling our surprise! :) Today, we feature flowers (not food) on our May 2013 Wallpaper Collection. May brings flowers and most importantly, Mother’s Day! Here in Guatemala, we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th, and in the US it’s on the second Sunday of the month. Either way, try to make the entire weekend a celebration for the special mom(s) in your life!

This month we got tons of Foodies Mail asking about different dishes for us to prepare (we are looking for some good solid recipes!), or about places and restaurants they could visit in Guatemala… and mostly just other Guatemalans that are far away from home that just found our local cuisine posts. We are thrilled to know that our fellow chapines are enjoying these little bits of Guatemalan flavors around the globe!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies Freebie: May 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

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