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Foodies Freebie: January 2016 Wallpaper Collection

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holiday break and that 2016 brings you all good and great things!

Behind us are the days of sweet treats, mid-day cookie snacking and eating out. January means back to work, to school… and our routines. After a few weeks of not watching every single bite we eat, this is the week to start to get back in track. More salads and soups, less carbs. We will share some healthy recipes with some sweet treats too, but as usual, our beginning of the year means we need to eat healthier food. Hopefully these recipes will help you out to make some easy and healthy meals throughout the year.

You’ll notice a few changes with our January 2016 Wallpaper Collection, now the month in our calendars is in a much bigger and easy to read font, which will make it for you a breeze to look over it!

May 2016 bring you laughter, happy memories and enough time to enjoy it all.

Helga & Kitty

January 2016 Wallpaper Collection

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Foodies Freebie: January 2015 Wallpaper Collection

Happy New Year! How are you all doing? Did you enjoy your holidays? We hope you did and took advantage of the kind of long weekend, family gatherings, friends coming from out-of-town… We caught up with many friends. It was tough to see 2014  go, but we are welcoming 2015 with open arms. This past year we’ve done so much, and with the new year, we will be continuing our efforts here at The Foodies’ Kitchen. As usual, we have our January 2015 Wallpaper Collection, and next week we are sending our newsletter Notes from The Foodies’ Kitchen.

On New Years, Kitty made a no-flour (hence gluten-free!) Chocolate Cake, a recipe we will share soon! It was a little scary baking without flour, but the cake was perfect!  We have some great recipes lined up for this month, but we would love to know what you want us to be cooking and baking. Comment right here, reach us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… or email.

For this months’ wallpaper collection, we feature strawberries. We love them! Specially in early morning smoothies to get our mornings going, like this Strawberry Mango Smoothie or this Strawberry-Grapefruit Smoothie.

So here you go, below you can download the first freebie calendars of the year, for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  We hope you enjoy them!

Helga & Kitty

January 2015 Wallpaper Collection

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Foodies Freebie: January 2014 Wallpaper Collection

Happy New Year! We hope your festivities were filled with love, laughter, family and friends… all amazing things for creating great memories. As 2013 came to a close, we were looking at how much we love to cook and share new recipes with you all. We have some recipes we’ve been wanting to conquer before… along with some amazing collaborations.

We want to make 2014 a year of growing The Foodies’ Kitchen, sharing more recipes, introducing you to more friends, blogs and open our doors for collaborations. We’ve been working since last year to make all of this happen. We thought it was a great coincidence, and also a great example of what we want to do,  that we closed 2013 with a recipe by Diana from PetitGraphie and we are starting this year with a wallpaper with a picture by Susan Ochaeta, from Andie.M Design Shop. Oh, we got a chance to have lunch with both Susan and Seth (from The Nutty Food Lover). They were visiting Guatemala for a few days during the holiday season, and we had a long lunch at L’Osteria, trying their pizzas. We had a great time and it was great to see Seth again, and finally meet Susan!

For every new year, we all make resolutions. Some resolutions are harder to keep from the others. So this year we want to try something different. Why not focus on a word rather than a resolution? Our word is collaboration. This can go from helping around the house to do little things to showcase great friends and bloggers at TFK, or maybe help out someone by doing a little bit more of what you were supposed to do… Go the extra mile and create something by working together. What would your word for 2014 be?

Kitty & Helga

Foodies Freebie: January 2014 Wallpaper Collection

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