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Canillitas de Leche

Well, this should not be called Canillitas de Leche, since I shaped them into something else completely.  I have been searching for months, to the point of obsession, for this recipe.  This one is the best I could find.

The flavor is great, but I was disapointed to find that they turned out with a grainy texture, I don’t know if it’s because I stirred it the wrong way, you know how sugar can crystalize.  We will try this recipe again and update my post to let you know about the grainy issue.

Still, grainy or not, these didn’t last very long!  The flavor is great, but let’s call them Milk Candies.

The true Canillitas de Leche from Antigua (artisan Guatemalan candies), specifically the ones from Maria Gordillo…. they haunt me.  First of all, they are completely white.  Second of all, they melt in your mouth and you don’t get any grainy texture whatsoever.  I am starting to think that their recipe is made by mixing milk, powdered milk and confectioner’s sugar, without putting it through a cooking process.  There’s no way you’re going to get candy that color after adding so much sugar and stirring it for one hour.  How do they make it??!  Hoooooow?!! See this picture to the right?  It haunts me. This picture of White Canillitas de Leche is courtesy of Around Antigua. Make sure to check their blog is you are traveling to Antigua…

Anyway, I shall succeed!  We got a tip from a friend to try this recipe again using confectioner’s sugar instead of regular sugar. We’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this recipe which is the next best thing. Aren’t they cute though?

Honestly, I never did reach the 240 F, so I just stirred the mixture for 65 minutes.  The consistency resembled soft sugar cookie dough, which was easy for me to shape and emboss with the little molds I used to make our Easter Cookies. ( You can find those at cooking stores).



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