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Loroco & Tomato Rustic Tart

As our Independence Day festivities get closer, I wanted to try out a recipe that used a local staple ingredient to make a fusion dish.  I knew I wanted that ingredient to be loroco. I thought up this recipe for a loroco and tomato rustic tart which I am glad to share with you, I do hope you give it a try!   We ate the whole thing in one sitting for dinner.

You just need to make a pie dough, or buy frozen puff pastry dough.  If you make your own dough, add ½ teaspoon of black pepper to the flour mixture before processing it. This is optional, to give the dough a little flavor. When your dough is ready fill it out with a mixture or locoro, onions, cream, tomato, parmesan and a good quality melting cheese.  In my case, I bought Quesillo from San Julian, which is creamy and melts deliciously.

Loroco, is a vine with edible flowers that grows in Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries. It is an important and popular source of food in Guatemala and El Salvador. The plant’s buds and flowers are used for cooking in a variety of ways, including in pupusas from El Salvador.


Loroco & Tomato Rustic Tart

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