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Marshmallow Treat Pops

Marshmallow treats… doesn’t it take you back to when you were a kid? I think this was one of the first things I ever made all by myself, I must have been about 8 years old.  I remember I didn’t push them into a pan, but instead made them look like fat, deformed cookies. But I loved them… my family was probably just humoring me, but they ate them all!

I hadn’t even thought about making these until a few months ago, I’ve only made them a couple of times because I don’t want to overindulge Kristen’s sweet tooth, but…  she’s still a kid, so I make these for her from time to time. (It’s a handy little lunch box snack, too).

Marshmallow treats are great just as they are, cut into squares. However, this variation is fit for a celebration, or for any time you will have a group of kids in your home.  They are toddler friendly too, I gave one to Kristen and she had no trouble eating it.

The easiest way to cover your treats with chocolate, is to transfer the melted chocolate into a glass. It is easier to cover the area this way.


Marshmallow Treat Pops

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