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Basmati Primavera Rice

Who doesn’t love kitchen specialty stores? From stores that sell every single bowl, cutting boards and knives you might need in your kitchen, baking supply stores and great delis and markets are great places to stop by from time to time. A few weeks ago, I stopped at one of my favorite markets here in Guatemala, called Orgánica. There, you can find specialty ingredients, such as the basmati rice I am sharing the recipe below. But wait, no rush. So, in this store you can find every single ingredient you need for gluten-free cooking, vegan diets or even get pink rock salt by the bag, they have it all. So, I picked a bag of Basmati Rice, and I knew I wanted to make a Basmati Primavera Rice right away. This weekend the veggies were fresh and the rice a few steps away.

I had fresh veggies from the market, including güicoy (in the states you can get it as Chayote). Güicoy is an edible plant that belongs to the same family as melons, cucumbers and squash. It’s native to México and from there it has expanded its crops to Latin America and exported to the US and Europe. So, I prepared all my veggies and in 45 minutes I had it all ready. You cook the rice and veggies separately, then mix it together to serve.


Basmati Rice

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Beef and Bean Stir-fry

As you know, I am constantly looking for easy and healthy recipes for my weekday cooking so when I find a really good one, you know I’ll want to share it with you. Nowadays, I also need to make sure that the recipes I use at home pack lots of protein and nutrition for my Crossfit loving husband. This Beef and Bean Stir-fry has it all, it’s full of flavor and it was good enough for my 5-year-old to eat without complaints. I used regular white beans for this, because that is what I had at home.

Next time, I would use the larger variety (white kidney beans), just because I think they make the dish look more appealing. Among the ingredients you’ll find orange juice and ginger. These are the ingredients that take this dish to another level, so don’t skip them! Make sure you use natural orange juice, I squeezed a couple of oranges to get what I needed and also used some of the zest for a little extra flavor.

If you have kids at home like me, set their portion aside before adding chili pepper as a final touch.


Beef & Bean Stirfry

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