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Blog Love: February 2015

January was a clean start for everybody around the globe, and on our previous Blog Love it was mostly about healthy recipes (not completely, who are we kidding!). February is almost gone, and with so many amazing blogs around, it was hard to pick just a few recipes for this months’ Blog Love. This time, not focusing so much on healthy, but it’s ok… Just don’t skip the salads! From soups to easy decorating cakes, we hope this collection makes you want to visit their blogs as well. Stay tuned for next months’ Blog Love, as it will feature many more blogs! We were caught in the #federatedmediareplyall2015, so we are gathering up and organizing the blogs to share them all with you!

Now, for this month’s blog love, you can put your slow cooker to good use, master caramelized onions and whip up a homemade tomato sauce. For dessert you can try mini lemon cakes, brownies with red wine or brownie roll-out cookies. To keep up with the chocolate theme, a chocolate meringue buttercream cake and a deep dish chocolate chip cookie-pie. And, if you have a cake you need to decorate, try the easiest cake lettering tutorial from Lauren Conrad.

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Helga & Kitty


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Apple Cake II

All throughout the year, I bake cakes and goodies, but definitely the ones I enjoy the most baking is when it is for family and friends. In late January, we were invited to share dinner and a few drinks to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, and I was happy to bake this delicious cake I found on Food52.

Already baked an Apple Cake from my Grandma Lucy’s recipe collection, I wanted to try a different take on the cake. A few basic ingredients are all that’s needed to bake this great dessert. Take this cake for example: apples, butter, cinnamon and butterscotch chips combined make a flavorful cake, but what I specially loved about this cake was the addition of honey to the batter. The last time I added honey to a cake’s batter was a complete fail, so after carefully reading all the praise and comments of the recipe, I was sold. I prepared everything and in less than 45 minutes the cake was in the oven and the kitchen clean, just waiting for the goodness to come out of the oven.

Out of the 3 apples that the recipe asks, make sure to save a few wedges, so you can arrange them later on the top of the cake. After transferring the cake to a platter, I dusted the top with confectioners sugar, but you can do so with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or just as is.


Apple Cake II

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Chocolate French Toast

This year Valentine’s Day in on a Saturday, so what better way to say I love you than having breakfast in bed with your significant other? With  breakfast  in mind, I started looking around for something special and found a chocolate french toast recipe. Not this one. The one I found used cocoa mix, but it inspired me to tweak this other recipe for what I consider  is the perfect chocolate french toast.  I made my light version, using unsweetened cocoa powder and 12 packs of Stevia, instead of sugar. The result was a great semi-sweet chocolate taste. You can use brioche or your favorite bread, it even works well with regular sliced bread.

After making the french toast, comes the assembly. Spread Nutella, as much or as little as you like, lightly drizzle with maple syrup and add a few berries to your plate, not only for decoration.  Adding berries makes it the perfect bite; and don’t forget the whipped cream!


Chocolate French Toasts

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Julia Child’s Chocolate Mousse

This dessert. This one. This is the only dessert you need to learn how to prepare. Do this and you will be forever known as the one who makes the best and most luscious chocolate mousse ever. I am not kidding. The mousse cups here did not last long, it is delicious! Make sure to get the best kind of chocolate you can, as it makes all the difference in the world! Earlier this week we were talking with Helga on what recipes to share with you for Valentines’. She is doing a new version of French Toasts, this time with Chocolate and Nutella. So, I knew I didn’t want to give you another chocolate cake, but something more… airy. Browsing around, the answer was obvious. Chocolate Mousse. But not any mousse. I had to make Julia’s version. I think we can call her Julia like she is an old friend of us. Specially after reading her book My Life in France.

My copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking sits next to my many cookbooks, but I often look through it the most to read about french cooking techniques and some Julia wisdom. This mousse has butter, but besides that, no additional dairy is added. The mousse’s consistency is all about the eggs. We can use hand mixers to do most of the work that Julia did by beating by hand, so the preparation of the recipe (from the video that I am sharing bellow, that is) is cut in half. Maybe more. Oh, and for those wondering about the raw eggs, the yolks are cooked through, and it does take a bit of time (about 5 minutes, it’s not that much), and then they are brought down to room temperature again in a water bath. After that, they are added to the warm chocolate and butter, and later to the egg whites. What I love about Julia is her explanation of every single ingredient needed for the recipe, as well as every single item (from pots and pans to electric mixers or candy thermometers), and that makes her recipe books an invaluable addition to any food enthusiast library.

What Julia recipe will I try next? I don’t know, maybe a Tarte Tatin (Apple Tart) or a Soufflé. Let me know what recipe you would like me to prepare, no matter if it’s a Julia recipe or not. Ah, and follow us on Instagram as @twofoodies – we are posting behind the scenes shots from when we are busy in out kitchens!


Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse

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