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Breakfast BLT with Cilantro Mayo

The last recipe from Cemaco’s Kitchen and Table Catalog, is a breakfast winner. Who says you have to go out for a proper egg english muffin? With this amazing Hamilton Beach breakfast maker this is a breeze. We have to be honest, at first we thought it was not going to work that well, but it does work! We sprayed the surface with a bit of cooking spray to make the eggs slip out much easier, and it worked like a charm.

We seem to have an undying love with BLTs, and this recipe proves it. We wanted to create a breakfast muffin that would not only keep you charged and satisfied throughout the morning, but also one that would have some twist to it. There, came in the Cilantro Mayo. To prepare it, we roughly chopped the cilantro and mixed it with the mayo in a small food processor. If you don’t have a small food processor, it’s ok. You can finely chop the cilantro and mix it by hand with the mayo.

To build the BLT, spread mayo on the muffin base, place the lettuce, bacon, tomato, avocado, and adding the egg on top! Close with the other half of the muffin with a little mayo as well. We are sure that you will love this breakfast BLT as much as we did, so check out Cemaco’s Kitchen and Table Catalog to get all of the products we have featured in this and all of the other recipes.

Helga & Kitty

BLT Breakfast Muffin with Cilantro Mayo

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Green Salad with Roselle / Rosa de Jamaica / Hibiscus Vinaigrette

One of our favorite recipes from Cemaco’s Kitchen and Table Catalog, this salad has a guatemalan touch with the hibiscus infused vinegar. The tartness of the hibiscus pairs perfectly with the Green Salad. Why green, you ask? Well, you have lettuce, green apple and celery. You can even add some green bell peppers if you like.

This salad recipe came together one Sunday afternoon when we had no tomatoes nor carrots for the salad. So we started with the lettuce, then celery for a good crunch, followed by the tartness of the green apples. That’s a good base. To make it better, we added both the grated parmesan cheese and the sliced almonds.

Now, the infused vinegar. We love to have a batch in the fridge at all times, specially during these summer days. This infusion gives this salad a bold and fresh lemon, tart, very berry-full flavor. And adding this to our crunchy salad, makes this combo a winner!

Helga & Kitty

Green Salad with Hibiscus /Roselle/Rosa de Jamaica Infused Vinegar

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Shortbread Cookies

Hi! We are already on recipe number three from Cemaco’s Kitchen and Table Catalog. This time, let’s have something sweet. These classic Shortbread Cookies are just too cute not to bake. Not only we got to prepare the dough on the always reliable KitchenAid, but we got to use some new cookie cutters by SiliKoMart. We cannot tell you how much we loved using these cute cookie cutters. They come in three different shapes: rectangle, circle and heart. They come with a great embossing design that makes this cookie picture ready, even if you are not adding sanding sugar, sprinkles or something more elaborate.

We also tested out  their 16-inch rolling-pin, and we are hooked. Rolling out the dough was a breeze. Our only recommendation is that you can dip the cookie cutter in a bit of flour, avoiding the cookie dough to sticking to the cookie cutter. Do this every 4 or 5 cookies. After you’ve cut all the cookies, transfer them to a baking sheet and add the sprinkles or sanding sugar. We baked half with sanding sugar, and half without. Both batches were equally cute and delicious.

Helga & Kitty

Classic Shortbread Cookies

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