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Blog Love: August 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve published a Blog Love collection. We love looking for recipes and get inspiration from all the great bloggers from around the world, and today we are sharing a collection of hand picked recipes from us to you!

Kitty & Helga

2013 July BlogLove

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Foodies Freebie: August 2013 Wallpaper Collection

August looks like tomatoes… and onions… and bell peppers. This wallpaper, is wham! and bright, but we are absolutely loving it. This year we made a promise to you, our lovely readers and to ourselves: we would be posting more healthy recipes, and the wallpapers are no exception. Notice that we haven’t posted a single dessert on your desktops? We want to post some good-looking desserts, but we seem to find healthier and amazing pictures on our every day cooking adventures instead.

Helga’s little girl, is asking more and more to be involved in the kitchen cooking both sweet and savory dishes, and she absolutely adores it! Specially after seeing all the videos from Everyday Food with Sarah Carey. Kristen watches the videos diligently, and even after we tell her that there’s a new one (from our Facebook feed), she often has seen them already. She even plays that she is recording kitchen videos and telling us how to make deserts. At 4, that is an accomplishment… specially since she narrates the video in english!

Ok, back to the wallpaper collection, this recipe will be up later this month, but we can tell you that these roasted vegetables are just plain amazing. Since in Guatemala we are going through our rainy season, often we find ourselves craving for dishes that are more warm and hearty. If you want to change-up your summer salad for something equally delicious and but even tastier, try roasting your vegetables. We’ve found that roasted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and broccoli are a pleasant taste buds surprise on the table. You can serve them as a veggie side dish to chicken (our weekday protein).

We hope this wallpaper inspires you to eat more veggies and fruits (did you know that tomato is a fruit?) throughout August!

Kitty & Helga

August 2013 Wallpaper Collection

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Easy Pizza Dough

It was Friday afternoon, and I had promised Kristen we were going to make pizza for dinner using the homemade pizza dough she saw Sarah Carey make in one of her videos. We gathered all the ingredients and started to work, of course she was more than happy to get the job of preparing it (under my supervision… she’s 4) and I was happier to see that this really was an easy pizza dough recipe. It took us like 10 minutes to make it! There is practically no kneading involved, you just have to consider the time it takes the dough to rise when thinking about what time you want to eat (it has to rise for 1 hour). After it has risen, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 hours.

What I also love about this dough is that (like any other) you can store it in the freezer and once it has thawed you can have homemade pizza in no time.

You can use any topping you like. I prefer vegetarian pizzas, but no whatever what you choose I suggest that you don’t skip on fresh basil.  When using fresh herbs like basil, always put them on top after the pizza has baked. A few minutes before eating it, sprinkle chopped basil, or just arrange whole leaves on top.   If you add the herbs before the pizza bakes, they’ll just burn. Another tip I learned from this recipe, is that while the oven is pre-heating you can place an upside down cookie sheet on one of the oven racks.   When baking your pizza, place your baking tin on top of this upside down cookie sheet, and it will help the dough cook faster, and get crunchier.

The ingredients I used for my pizza using this dough recipe were basic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste, and finally a little torn basil to give it that special touch. A friend of mine asked me for a pizza dough recipe this week, and I gave him this one  (Hi, Felipe!). He tried it, and loved it.

I hope you use this recipe to make a special stay at home activity with your family or friends, it’s especially fun for kids.

Happy baking!


Easy Pizza Dough

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Marble Cake

Lately I’ve been getting this need to get into the kitchen. Maybe it’s because I am busy during the week with my day job, finishing at 7/8PM. I am readjusting my schedule to this new flow of workload so that I will be me baking during the day once again. Since I’ve been packed, it seemed that the perfect day to bake was Sunday. I walked into the kitchen with the idea of baking but didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me. I remembered that way back when TFK was just starting, I’ve previously made Marble Cake but didn’t get to take the pictures. Honestly, it was more that I was multitasking that I forgot to take the pictures, so I decided to bake the recipe so my family would taste it… And I am proud to inform you, my fellow foodies, that it is a success.It is Wednesday and there’s just two servings left. This is perfect as a Coffee Cake, and for those hot summer days, you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The trick is to spoon batter alternating the vanilla and chocolate batters, like a checkerboard. Then, with an offset spatula or knife, draw swirls to mix the batters. The cake will turn out marbled. You could also do this with different colored batters for a non-chocolate version of the marble loaf.


Marbled Cake

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