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Whole-Wheat Brownies

I didn’t think I’d get away with these Whole-Wheat Brownies but I totally did. Both my dad and my brother are huge chocolate fans, and they love simple desserts. Every time I bake cupcakes or a cake that have something else other than your usual ingredients, they raise a brow. These brownies not only have Whole Wheat Flour in them, but also have Apple Sauce. I honestly thought it was going to be a big flop with those two.

Thankfully, they passed the test. These brownies came out a bit cakey on day one for my taste, but the next day they took a turn for the best. They are chewy and delicious… but they do not have the crunchy top that you would usually see on brownies. That’s what my dad missed from the old brownie recipe. But, all around, they didn’t even notice the whole wheat flour, and much less the apple sauce. That, in my book, is a win!


Whole Wheat Brownies

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Homemade Almond Milk

Have you tried Almond Milk?  I’ve tried both the homemade and the store bought version.  The difference I find between the two is that the store bought version seems thicker (thanks to the added xantan and /or gellan gum you’ll find in the ingredients), but there definitely is a cost benefit to making it yourself.  Of course, who the heck has the time to make it regularly, right?

Homemade almond milk is really easy to make though, so if you can find some time, on a Sunday perhaps… you should definitely try making it.  Just soak almonds in boiling water inside the blender for a while, then add more water and blend. That’s it!

The time consuming part comes with the straining.  You need to strain it to separate the solids left over from the blending process.  Actually, I had to strain it twice because I only had a fine sieve to do it.  I’m sure if I had some cheesecloth, or maybe a new and clean tea towel I could use for this purpose, it would have been easier.   I did find it a bit too watery, though.  I used a 1 cup almonds to 4 cups water ratio.   Maybe next time I’ll add another 1/2 cup of almonds to make it a bit “creamier”.

Mixed Berries Upside-Down Cake

My little sister just became a Doctor!  Talk about a milestone!

Mixed Berry Upside Down Cake

To celebrate, most of the family got together for a grilling afternoon, which was a lot of fun. I wanted to make a dessert for her, but knowing we were going to be having grilled steaks,I didn’t want a heavy dessert. I didn’t want anything too sweet, either. When I think about grilling, berries or ice cream come to mind as good alternatives and upside-down cakes always look pretty.

I had no problems with this recipe, and I was able to carry it to my brother’s house without a hassle.

Don’t forget the whipped cream! The tartness of the berries with the sweetness of the whipped cream make this a real treat, especially if you drink a good cup of coffee with it.

Congratulations on your achievement, Petra. We’re proud of you!



Mixed Berry Upside Down Cake

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Foodies Freebie: July 2013 Wallpaper Collection

How fast is this year flying by? We’ve definitely had a busy month. Kristen was enjoying her mid-year vacations, so that kept Helga busy, and for myself, I’ve been swamped with work and also celebrating my grandmother’s 91th birthday, as I shared with you over Instagram and Facebook. And, by the way, thanks for all the follows and likes on Instagram! We are loving how this little app allows us to share everyday bits with you. In case you are not following us yet, you can find us as twofoodies over at Instagram. Now, down to business: today we share our July 2013 Wallpaper Collection.

This picture is well, old… But has a great story and plenty of good memories attached to it. I went to a photography workshop in Brooklyn, NY back in 2009 called “Brooklyn Cooking”. The workshop was by Chris Marquardt from Tips from The Top Floor podcast and Chef Mark Tafoya of The Gilded Fork. The cooking side was under the guidance of Chef Mark and the photography side, was looked over by Chris. I was in the photography side of the workshop, so I didn’t get to cook, but boy was it fun! I loved every second of it! Thanks to both Mark and Chris for making it great. Now, back to the picture, this was just part of a great set of pictures I was able to take under the guidance of Chris. If you love photography, listen to his podcast, we highly recommend it. And if you ever find yourself in need of a Personal Chef Service for a very special occasion, contact Mark. He prepared the most delicious dishes throughout the workshops, along with the cooking side attendees… Or should I say sous chefs?

And now, a little Public Service Announcement. As you know, Google Reader is closing it’s doors. For those who are not familiar with Google Reader, it was an RSS feed handler that could do it all: you could use it alone or integrate it to your favorite RSS feed app. Now, since it’s not going to keep on running, you can move all your feeds to or BlogLovin’. I made the switch to Feedly over a month and I am loving it! Both services are free. Move your feeds and you won’t loose a post from us or your favorite blogs!

We hope you enjoy the desktops as much as we do, and as we announced a few days ago, now you can download it calendar-free for your desktop or laptop too!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies Freebie: July 2013 Wallpaper Collection

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