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Foodies Freebie: April 2015 Wallpaper Collection

Andie M. Design ShopApril came around with a punch! Summer here is in full swing. Nights are clear and it’s always gorgeous outside! This month we feature the work from Susan of Andie M. Design Shop and an amazing instagrammer, a fellow Guatemalan living abroad. Her pictures are always perfect, and these raspberries are just what the April 2015 Wallpaper Collection needs: bright summery colors!

In a few days we’ll send out our monthly newsletter Notes, where we share the best recipes of the month and a link back to the monthly wallpaper collection. Oh, if you happen to be in Antigua for this holiday season, make sure to check out the new and updated version of Fridas. We got the chance to sample their new menu… and we loved it. The Mole Poblano Chicken is our favorite overall. You can check our Instagram for pictures of the dishes we sampled.

So here you go, below you can download the last freebie calendars of the month, for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  We hope you enjoy them!

Helga & Kitty


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Basmati Primavera Rice

Who doesn’t love kitchen specialty stores? From stores that sell every single bowl, cutting boards and knives you might need in your kitchen, baking supply stores and great delis and markets are great places to stop by from time to time. A few weeks ago, I stopped at one of my favorite markets here in Guatemala, called Orgánica. There, you can find specialty ingredients, such as the basmati rice I am sharing the recipe below. But wait, no rush. So, in this store you can find every single ingredient you need for gluten-free cooking, vegan diets or even get pink rock salt by the bag, they have it all. So, I picked a bag of Basmati Rice, and I knew I wanted to make a Basmati Primavera Rice right away. This weekend the veggies were fresh and the rice a few steps away.

I had fresh veggies from the market, including güicoy (in the states you can get it as Chayote). Güicoy is an edible plant that belongs to the same family as melons, cucumbers and squash. It’s native to México and from there it has expanded its crops to Latin America and exported to the US and Europe. So, I prepared all my veggies and in 45 minutes I had it all ready. You cook the rice and veggies separately, then mix it together to serve.


Basmati Rice

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Blog Love: March 2015

Hello all! For our readers in Guatemala, we know you are welcoming holy week as much as we do, and for our readers in the US we know you’ve been enjoying spring break as well. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, our Blog Love this month is dedicated to Organizing your Kitchen, as well as some additional tips for freezing produce and ingredients substitutions.

We already are getting our kitchens ready for the upcoming months, and we think that so should you. After the holidays and getting our kitchens working like a smooth machine, often we start just storing things were they are not supposed to go, or maybe that opened rice bag just got pushed back to the back of the cabinet. Take a morning and organize your kitchen. See what is available for use… and see if those canned goods are still good (we all have a can that hides and goes over its due date). We promise you will feel much better afterwards.

We have tips from Brit & Co., A Beautiful Mess, The Inspired Room, Squawkfox, Martha Stewart, The Kitchn, Better Homes and Gardens and a link back to our own Substitution Tables. Do you have a favorite site you’d like to see featured here? Write a couple of lines and let us know, we would love to add them to our frequently visited sites!

Helga & Kitty


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