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Valentine’s Chocolate Bark

Last Christmas I was packed with events since we had family from abroad, and one of the recipes I got to test (but not post) was this Chocolate Bark. For Valentine’s, I wanted to share this quick recipe. You can whip this up in a few minutes. What takes time is melting the chocolate, but after you spread it… you have at least 10-15 minutes until the next batch and after it’s done you can leave it overnight until you cut it in pieces.

On this occasion we are featuring a beautiful sushi plate by Oneida, which you can get here. They just did a soft launch of the site, and its looking great. They have an amazing selection of both dinnerware and flatware for your home.

Back to the Chocolate Bark, I found a couple of things: Get a good kind of chocolate. Go to your local bakery store and ask for both the dark and white chocolate for melting. If needed, they will give you a stabilizer for the chocolate (looks like shredded shortening) go ahead and buy a bit, the white chocolate reacts different when melting… And if you buy the white chocolate there, go ahead and buy the same brand of semi-sweet chocolate. I did some experimenting with different brands of chocolate and it separated/cracked in the middle when I was cutting the wedges.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Valentines' Chocolate Bark

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Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Spice Popcorn

With days getting chillier, and all the rain we’ve been having these past weeks keeping us from going out as much, we’ve been cozying up at home. Which means, watching TV and eating popcorn. I’ve been wanting to try to make flavored popcorn for a while, particularly sweet popcorn, and although  I still haven’t tried the first option that comes to mind: caramel popcorn, I tried this chocolate and pumpkin spice popcorn mix instead.

I got the idea to make this from a post I saw on Pinterest, which included cumin and cayenne pepper. I was sharing this with my daughter and I don’t think she would’ve liked that mix.  Instead I tried making it with pumpkin pie spice, and to help make it a little sweeter I added some confectioner’s sugar to the mix. The flavor mix between the semi sweet chocolate (which hardens as it cools) with the spices and the slightly salted popcorn was really good.  I really liked it, and will definitely make it again.  It’s an easy and original treat for family movie night. Don’t forget to use natural flavored popcorn, without butter.


Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

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Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies

I’m sorry it took me a little while to post the recipe for our Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies, I know I shared the photograph on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I wish I could have shared it sooner, but here it is! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, aside from the daily stuff at home and work I’ve been having extra activities at Kristen’s school. We have a different school cycle in Guatemala, so this month we had the end of the school year.  This year, it meant the end of preschool for our family, which I hadn’t anticipated could be so sad! My little baby is going to the “big school”. No more going to the familiar little place with the warm and loving teachers, and for her it also meant saying goodbye to the friends she made during the last three years, and to the place she finds so comfortable and safe.  This milestone made me realize that time flies by too quickly, and that maybe the lasts, like the last day of preschool, or the last day our babies ride in their carriage, the last day they slept in their crib can be even more meaningful and definitely more melancholic than the firsts in our lives.  So I’ve been doing that… and in between we made these cookies.

These are crisp, chocolate cookies filled with a creamy vanilla filling.  The filling is pretty basic and, I haven’t tried it myself, but you can probably use different flavorings such as peppermint with a little green food coloring to make chocolate-mint cookies.  Or just keep the flavor vanilla and play with food coloring to make chocolate and pink… or chocolate and blue filled cream cookies for a baby shower, maybe? For Halloween you can try orange food coloring. You get the idea.

I used a scoop to make my cookies, so if you have a chance to get this item before you make this recipe, I really recommend that you do.  Not just for this recipe but for any cookie recipe.  It makes it so easy to portion the dough and you get even sizes which results in prettier cookies.


Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies

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Mummy Pops

As I mentioned on a previous post, this year I wanted to try practical, fun and also kid oriented Halloween recipes that are not only easy to make, but a treat they would really enjoy… and possibly help you make.   All you need to make these mummy pops are Oreos, pop sticks, white chocolate for melting and candy eyes.  I would suggest that you go to a specialty store to get your white chocolate, and ask for one that is appropriate for melting.  I made a first attempt with Hershey’s white chocolate chips… it was bad.  Really bad.  It didn’t melt, the whole thing started to harden and I ended up with a clump of grainy white chocolate. I had to throw it away. I was not happy.   It seems that you can melt these chips, but you have to add a little shortening to the mix.

I decided I didn’t want to risk throwing another bag of white chocolate away, so I went to my local baking and confectionery supply store (Blossom), and I got white chocolate melting buttons to which they suggested I buy a “diluter” which comes in a little bag and has a white flaky appearance.   This time, my chocolate melted beautifully. I didn’t really need the diluter, but I already had it, so I gave it a sprinkle. (They told me to melt the chocolate and add it as you would add salt to a dish. Little pinches  of it until you get the consistency you need).

To cover the cookie pops once you have inserted the stick, simply dip them, spoon chocolate over them, and then rest the covered pop on a spoon or fork over the bowl to let all the excess drip off. This is how I got a smooth finish on mine.  To make the little lines, just use a sandwich plastic bag and cut the tiniest hole you can to go back and forth over the cookie.  Let them set, and you’re done.  (Speed up the setting time by putting them in the refrigerator). You can also make these without the sticks, simply dipping the cookies into the white chocolate using the same method, and letting them set.

Have fun!


2013-10-14 Mummy Pops02

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