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Cilantro Lime Rice

This is a very easy recipe that is meant to  give a little twist to regular white rice. It has lime juice and chopped fresh cilantro which gives it a fresh flavor variation that goes perfectly with Mexican or Guatemalan cuisine. It can be used as a filler for homemade tacos or burritos or you can add it to soups.  To give it even more flavor, you can add some chopped onion and tomatoes.

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Cilantro Rice

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Plantain “Rellenitos”

Rellenitos de Plátano are a staple in our local cooking. They are made out of mashed cooked plantains, stuffed with sweetened refried beans. They are shaped into ovals or balls, fried, and then sprinkled with sugar and sometimes drizzled with cream. This is one of the ways we enjoy plantains in Guatemala and since they are easy and inexpensive to make, it is quite common to find them at markets, parks, fairs, restaurants and our grandmother’s kitchens.

As with all local dishes, there are a few variations when it comes to adding ingredients to the sweetened refried bean mixture. Since this is our independence month, I wanted to try making rellenitos myself so we could share the recipe with all of you and add it to our Guatemalan Recipes Collection. I also wanted to try the variation of adding unsweetened cocoa to the bean mixture, I think it would give it more depth of flavor.  If I had made these for myself, I would have added some cayenne pepper to the bean mixture too, if you like food with a little kick… by all means try adding a couple of pinches of cayenne pepper.  Be careful, this stuff can be very hot!


Rellenitos de Platano

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Interview with VeraLu, from Estilo Culinario

Estilo Culinario is a guatemalan reality show where 14 foodies compete weekly showing off their culinary abilities to get to the final on June 8. Each challenge is judged by a culinary team set up by NuChef. VeraLu was one of The Foodies’ Kitchen first followers and supporters, and when we found out that she was part of this show, we were thrilled. So, it was only natural that we would interview her! Keep on reading, and catch the entire interview with VeraLu with The Foodies’ Kitchen.

Helga & Kitty


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