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Foodies’ Halloween Special 2013

This year we are sharing our recipes from 2013 and our best recipes from our previous year. As we are translating many of our recipes, we want to share the ones we’ve posted before for all of you, in both Spanish and English. We are sharing from appetizers, to soup, drinks, classic sugar cookies and even caramel apples… just like the ones from Snow White’s evil queen, and quick desserts like our MilkyWay cupcakes that can be prepared with store bought chocolates.

Also, we are sharing a set of downloadable freebies to make your Halloween set up feel more Halloweeney!

Kitty & Helga

Foodies' Halloween Special 2013

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Eyeball Jello

Here’s another easy Halloween treat for you. Kitty shared a video from the girls of Crumbs and I thought it was a great idea to try out at home with Kristen.  It’s lychee stuffed with blueberries to make the eyes, and jello. It’s creepy, it’s sweet and perfect for kids.  I also liked that it’s not a sugar, or chocolate, or candy overloaded treat.  You can make these in small glasses, ramekins, or you can make a big bowl full of eyeballs.

In case you use something taller or bigger than a ramekin, for example a glass or a larger bowl: when you make your jello fill out ⅓ of the container with it, and let it set for about 40 minutes.  Then put your “eyeballs” in, and fill the rest of the bowl or glass with the remaining jello.  This will avoid the “eyeballs” to sink to the bottom.  That’s it!

I used frozen blueberries for my eyeballs, because it’s what I had.  Try to pick the smaller sized ones to stick into the lychee holes. And make sure you really tuck them in, so they don’t float out when you add your jello.  I let them thaw a little bit and ran water over them several times to help wash off the juice and keep them from staining the dessert.  I don’t know what would happen when you add the warm jello if you just use the frozen blueberries.

Aside from looking creepy, this is a really delicious and fresh tasting treat.

Happy Halloween!


Eyeball Jello

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Mummy Pops

As I mentioned on a previous post, this year I wanted to try practical, fun and also kid oriented Halloween recipes that are not only easy to make, but a treat they would really enjoy… and possibly help you make.   All you need to make these mummy pops are Oreos, pop sticks, white chocolate for melting and candy eyes.  I would suggest that you go to a specialty store to get your white chocolate, and ask for one that is appropriate for melting.  I made a first attempt with Hershey’s white chocolate chips… it was bad.  Really bad.  It didn’t melt, the whole thing started to harden and I ended up with a clump of grainy white chocolate. I had to throw it away. I was not happy.   It seems that you can melt these chips, but you have to add a little shortening to the mix.

I decided I didn’t want to risk throwing another bag of white chocolate away, so I went to my local baking and confectionery supply store (Blossom), and I got white chocolate melting buttons to which they suggested I buy a “diluter” which comes in a little bag and has a white flaky appearance.   This time, my chocolate melted beautifully. I didn’t really need the diluter, but I already had it, so I gave it a sprinkle. (They told me to melt the chocolate and add it as you would add salt to a dish. Little pinches  of it until you get the consistency you need).

To cover the cookie pops once you have inserted the stick, simply dip them, spoon chocolate over them, and then rest the covered pop on a spoon or fork over the bowl to let all the excess drip off. This is how I got a smooth finish on mine.  To make the little lines, just use a sandwich plastic bag and cut the tiniest hole you can to go back and forth over the cookie.  Let them set, and you’re done.  (Speed up the setting time by putting them in the refrigerator). You can also make these without the sticks, simply dipping the cookies into the white chocolate using the same method, and letting them set.

Have fun!


2013-10-14 Mummy Pops02

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Spiderweb Soup (Tomato Soup)

It’s time for us to post recipes for Halloween.  I can’t believe a year has gone by already!  This year I want to try more practical and easy to make recipes, both sweet and savory.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to try out a couple of recipes to post before Halloween is upon us.  This recipe is just homemade tomato soup, with a cream spiral on top to form a spiderweb.  (To make this practical, just use the cream spiderweb idea on canned tomato soup for your kids… I’ll look the other way). This is the second time I try a homemade tomato recipe, because I have to admit that I like the taste of the commercial tomato soup we get from a packet or a can at the supermarket.  It’s what I always had since I was a kid, and the flavor of a particular brand is what I want when I think about tomato soup.  And I know I’m not alone.

Nonetheless, I still wanted to give homemade tomato soup another shot. I am very happy with the flavor of this recipe.  I’m a little embarrassed to say so, but… I love that it tastes like the commercial brand, only better. Plus, I know it’s all natural because I made it at home.  My daughter loved it, and so did my husband. I was asked to make it again.   So you can trust me on this, if you’re looking for a homemade tomato soup, this is the recipe to try.  The only thing I changed, is that I used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock. The original recipe added ½ cup of cream to the soup, apart from the cream used to make the spiral.  When I tasted the soup, it seemed “creamy” enough, so I didn’t add the cream, but it’s entirely up to you.  Also, I need to strain soups.  I like the smooth texture, and even though the original recipe didn’t mention any straining, I needed to do it. (I have childhood issues with lumps in food).


Spiderweb Soup

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