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Easter Bunny Tails Popcorn

We tried another sweet popcorn recipe! This bunny tails popcorn is definitely for the kids. Since Easter is around the corner, I wanted to share an easy recipe you can make for your kids, or use as spring time party favors; you can put some of this popcorn into cellophane bags with a cute decoration. Most of all, I wanted something easy for Easter, and that children could help prepare. Mine had a lot of fun mixing in the sprinkles and candy.

All you need is popcorn, white chocolate (the baking kind), sprinkles, mini marshmallows (these are the bunny tails), any small candy of your choice. I used candy coated peanut bits I found at the supermarket, but you can use M&M’s, for example. If you want an extra pop of color, you can also drizzle colored Candy Melts at the end. When you finish preparing this recipe and you’re letting it set on the baking sheet, drizzle  evenly with melted candy melts as a finishing touch.

As for the amount of candies and sprinkles, it’s up to you. I used the whole 35 gram bottle of sprinkles, and about ½ a cup of the mini candies. These aren’t excessively sweet, considering the amount on candy you’re putting in. The popcorn helps balance the sweetness.


Easter Bunny Tails Popcorn
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Jello Hearts

This post comes to you entirely on behalf of my kid.  We were grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, and she asked if I could buy her some cherry flavored gelatin packs.  We don’t really eat gelatine at home, but I thought… what the heck. She explained that there was a recipe she wanted us to try, she got it from one of her favorite apps: ABC Food.

This is a very easy recipe you can make with your kids at home.  Just dissolve the jello packs in boiling water and let it set (be careful that the kids don’t get burned with the hot water).  When they are done and you cut out the shapes and they can eat them with their hands, which makes it a great idea for birthday parties, or an after school activity.

We tried to cut out star shapes, but the mold I used was probably too small and it did not turn out well. If you want to use a star shape, choose a 2 inch mold. Another tip, is that when using your mold, wiggle it as you push down to cut through the jello completely.  Dipping it in hot water before cutting would probably help… I just thought of that as I write.

On lifting the shapes, I have an offset spatula at home, so it was easy for me to get them out.  You don’t have to go out to buy one, you can use a butter knife or try to lift them out with your fingers.

Have fun!


Jello Hearts

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The Foodies’ Kitchen Halloween

Oh, how we enjoy this time of year!  In Guatemala the weather starts to get colder, and yet we have blue skies.  Unlike other areas in the World that get to enjoy the fall foliage, this is probably the greenest part of the year for us since rainy season is on its way out.

Halloween is almost here, but months before it arrives we are already searching for the recipes and decoration ideas we will be trying out at home… although, we do have special motivation with my 4 year old daughter, Kristen.
This post is a roundup of our own recipes from the last couple of years, we wanted to have everything in one place  so hopefully you can find inspiration for your own spooky Halloween!
(click on the orange titles, this will take you to our Facebook albums which have direct links to all the recipes)

Here are a few ideas you can use:
Dip strawberries into melted chocolate and use Halloween sprinkles to decorate, do the same with marshmallows.

Don’t forget we’re also on Pinterest!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Halloween 2010

On 2010 we made
Stenciled Chocolate Cupcakes
Mummy Dogs
Ghoulish Chips
Macabre Drink
Halloween Sugar Cookies
Caramel Apples and
“Bat Wings”

Freebies!   Kitty designed beautiful cupcake toppers and wrappers!  Take a look!

Halloween 2011

On 2011 we tried out

Milky Way Cupcakes
Meringue Ghosts
Meringue Bones
Spellbinding Cookies
Halloween Ghostly Pancakes
Black Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

Halloween 2012

This year we tried out:
Candy Corn Cookies
Candy Apples
Halloween Cheddar Cheese Ball
Vampire Cookies
…and maybe we still have time for one more ;)