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Guest Foodies: Antociano & 689 White

We continue our wine paring series with a White wine from the US.

689’s cellar is located in California, specifically in the Napa Valley region, one of the most recognized regions in the country. There is a lot of Asian influence in this cellar’s philosophy. For example, its name and that of its wines is related to the three numbers that are considered to be positive or of good luck in Chinese culture.

6 represents happiness or fluidity, number 8 represents wealth or prosperity and number 9 represents longevity or eternity.  The idea behind the wines they produce is that they come from different strains that offer separate elements that come together in balance and harmony.

Guest Foodies: Antociano & 689 Blanco

This White wine is a mixture of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Voignier and Moscatel, which is not an easy combination to come by in the market.  After the wine is produced, a guard is added, one part in French oak barrels and another in stainless steel tanks. This adds both freshness and complexity to the flavor.

In color, it offers a yellow hue with medium intensity. In its scent, we find white flower aromas, together with fruits such as peach, mango and lime. When tasting it, we can sense fruits such as lemon and apple.

I usually recommend this wine to go with simple seafood recipes, light fish or white meats with a light sauce. Following this profile, I think the recipe of Mushroom-Wine Fish Fillet en Papillote is an excellent pairing.

Guest Foodies: Antociano & 689 Blanco

One of the reasons this recipe makes this combination work so well is the use of sea bass, which is a light flavored fish. The combination of ingredients and the papillote method keep the flavors from being too strong or invasive. Also, the citric notes from the wine compliment ideally with this fish.

Lastly, since the recipe uses wine, I recommend you use the same wine to cook that you will use to serve. This really helps bring the combination of the wine and the dish come together.

Don’t forget to contact me if you are interested in this wine.

Bon appetite and cheers!

Gilberto Pagua
La Casa de Antociano

Suggested recipe for this wine: Mushroom-Wine Fish Fillet en Papillote

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