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Easy Homemade Yogurt

At first, thinking about making Homemade Yogurt seemed like a challenging task and probably not even worth trying. I also heard some discouraging comments about how it might be a slow and stinky process. Thank God for the internet! I found many recipes that made it look so easy, so then… the only question was, is it delicious? It is. And I will continue to make yogurt because it is so easy.

All you need are a couple of tablespoons of a good store-bought yogurt, a quart of milk and a cooking thermometer. I followed the procedure exactly, and got a wonderfully thick result. I wanted to try flavoring it, by adding a little Stevia and few drops of good quality vanilla extract. It’s a good thing I did a little research, because initially I would have added the stevia and vanilla before transferring the milk and yogurt mix to the glass containers. That would have resulted in a liquid mess, it would have never thickened. Whatever you want to add, make the yogurt first following the recipe’s instructions and add the sweeteners or flavorings only after it has thickened. In my experience, adding the stevia and vanilla did compromise the thickness a little bit. It’s the one pictured in the bowl with the berries.

Another important tip, is that when you cover your container with the kitchen towel, make sure you cover the entire thing, including the top. The more time you let it thicken, the more it will, but you also increase the tartness in the flavor. I left mine for exactly 6 hours because I couldn’t wait to see the results.  Next time I will try leaving it alone for 8 hours. Next up, coconut milk and almond milk yogurt.

Have you heard about our Anniversary Giveaway? Over the next couple of days we will be sharing the prizes our amazing friends are giving to you! Start taking pictures of your favorite moments around food and share them on Instagram or Facebook and use the hasthag #tfk5. Good luck!


Homemade Yogurt

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5th Anniversary Giveaway

We are turning 5! Is this real? We can’t believe we have been posting recipes and stories for so many years! For those who are new to our blog, here’s our long-made-short story:

It all started through IM, sending recipes, photos and their results (especially around the holiday season when we usually baked all sorts of goodies), and so a friend suggested that we start a cooking blog. It seemed like a good and fun idea, so we did… and here we are 5 years and over 730 posts later! We have both learned a lot about cooking through our blog, but what we have enjoyed the most is all the people we have met through it and the comments we have gotten from readers from all over the world who have tried and loved our recipes.


So, what kind of recipes can you find at The Foodies’ Kitchen? Essentially, anything and everything for the home cook. From main courses to desserts, and everything in between: side dishes, beverages, and holiday recipes to name a few. We mostly post recipes that fall under the easy category, and that don’t require very sophisticated or expensive ingredients. We also want to help you take care of yourself, so there are plenty of healthy recipes you can try out as well. Plus, all the recipes you find in our blog have been tested; you’ll know it because we have taken all the photographs of the process and finished dish. If you need to use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour, we’ll give you a heads-up and explain why in our recipe introduction.

But enough about us, now it’s all about our GIVEAWAY! We are so thankful to have so many friends that we’ve met through out the years, and the prizes… Oh, the prizes we want to keep a set for ourselves!

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Foodies Freebie: May 2015 Wallpaper Collection

Hello May!

Summer is almost over (so soon!) as we are entering out last weeks of bright blue skies before it starts to rain, but that doesn’t mean that the heat is going away, so we are still putting out some summery recipes wishing that the sun will stay and the rain stays at bay. So it seems that we are packing our summer and sending it over to the US!

We have our 5th Anniversary coming up this month, and to celebrate we are hosting an amazing Giveaway, so start taking food-related pics and save them for future use! We will share more info early next week.

This past month we shared many recipes, including 5 recipes we worked for Cemaco’s Festival de Cocina y Mesa. We will share all the links to the recipes in this month’s edition of Notes, so make sure to subscribe.

In the meantime, you can download our freebie calendars of the month, for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  We hope you enjoy them!

Helga & Kitty



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