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Halloween Collection: TFK’s Best Recipes

It’s that time again! It’s amazing how the months have passed by so quickly, and we find ourselves at the beginning of the holiday season, definitely our favorite time of the year. I’m looking forward to this holiday season, because this year I’ll get to cook more with my daughter, who is bigger now and already very active in the kitchen. For those of you who are new to our blog, you can find her recipes in the Little Foodies section.

One of our favorite holidays is Halloween, so we have gathered our favorite recipes that we have posted in the past 5 years of blogging so you can pick your favorites and try them for your own spooky party. We’ve also included our downloadable templates, and a few spooky stories from Guatemalan folklore.

Helga & Kitty

2015-10 Halloween Special

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Little Foodies: Chocolate Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms

Yes. We went there.

Halloween is coming soon, and we have the perfect recipe for your kids to try! This recipe was chosen by our Little Foodie, but instead of using pudding from a box we made our own using semi-sweet chocolate. Making your own chocolate pudding isn’t difficult at all, and it tastes so much better. The dirt as you already guessed is made from crumbled Oreo cookies. You can crumble them with a food processor, which is the easy way, or you can put them inside a resealable bag and give your kids a rolling-pin to pound on the cookies to form dirt. We used the food processor.

Essentially, you mix the Chocolate Dirt Pudding with some whipped cream and cookie crumbs, you add a few gummy worms on top, and finish the last layer with your cookie dirt.

Safety Alert! This recipe requires some stove time for making the pudding, so you have to be with your kid at all times. It’s up to you to decide whether they can use the stove, or if they should just be in charge of the assembly of their cups and let you make the pudding.

Helga & Kitty

Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms

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Foodies Freebie: October 2015 Wallpaper Collection


Remember Susan? She has made several collaborations with us! Please check her Instagram feed and her site Andie M. Design Shop. She is an amazing Guatemalan designer and photographer living abroad. We love to have her featured once again in our Foodies Freebies section. She is sharing an amazing setup of different kinds of pumpkin that we are absolutely loving.

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So here you go, below you can download the last freebie downloads of the month, for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  We hope you enjoy them!

Helga & Kitty


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