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Little Foodies: Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

We are constantly browsing videos, blogs and cookbooks for new recipes to try at home with Kristen, together we like to brainstorm on what our next posts on Little Foodies could be, and I like that she chooses what she wants to try out in the kitchen. On a rainy Friday afternoon, we baked this giant chocolate chip cookie baked in our oven-proof pan. The dough is easy to prepare, all you need is a bowl and a wooden spoon, and according to the recipe it bakes for 18-20 minutes. We realized that it will bake in 18-20 minutes if you bake it in a cast iron skillet. If you are using a regular non-stick oven proof pan, like we did, the baking time is around 35 minutes. We were worried for a moment, but our giant chocolate chip cookie came out perfect, and it’s one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have tasted. Really.

After the cookie has baked and cooled for a few minutes, you cut it into wedges with a knife or a pizza cutter. You can serve it with and ice cream scoop on top, or some whipped cream and sprinkles, and it is meant to be eaten with a fork, and there is no need to unmold it. Serve it directly from the pan, and enjoy this giant cookie dessert for family movie night!

Have fun!

Helga & Kitty

Little Foodies: Giant Skillet Cookie

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Artisan Chocolate Pots de Créme with Rum Whipped Cream

September is our Independence month, and throughout the month we like to post Guatemalan recipes every year. We either post traditional dishes, or we add our own twist to recipes using Guatemalan ingredients. This year, we bring you these pots de créme, which is basically pudding with a fancy name. They are made with the basic milk and egg yolk mixture but the twist lies in the chocolate, we used artisan Guatemalan chocolate and a little coffee, as well as semi-sweet chocolate. You could also add a pinch of cayenne pepper to give it a little spice, we love to combine chocolate with this spicy ingredient.

Artisan chocolate is used to make hot chocolate beverage and it has a particular and very different taste compared to regular drinking chocolate or cocoa.  It comes in handmade tablets that contain sugar and sometimes cinnamon, they are hard and dry and have a grainy texture.  It completely dissolves in hot liquid, either milk or water, and its flavor is rich and earthy. Our international readers can probably find this chocolate in Latin food stores.

For the topping on this dessert, we took regular whipped cream to another level by adding Zacapa rum to it. Guatemalan’s don’t need an introduction to this rum, and a lot of you have probably already heard about it because it is famous for its quality, some say it is the best rum in the World. We agree.

You can certainly flavor your whipped cream with any other brand of dark rum, or type of liquor. An orange, or hazelnut liquor would work nicely.

Helga & Kitty

Guatemalan Chocolate Mousse

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I still remember the song of the music truck, listening from a distance and running to get some change for an ice-cream. We got ice creams occasionally, and when we did we often got Morenitas. We bought them for Q0.75 (about 09¢). For those who are not familiar with them, they are an ice-cream sandwich pop, made of two biscuit cookies, vanilla ice-cream, and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. This layer of chocolate is where they get their name. And since my dad loves chocolate and ice-cream, he loves morenitas. So, it was only natural that he was the one looking over when I was preparing this goodie, had the first bite to taste them and give me a thumbs up or down.

Now, mastering making this treats at home is what you are reading this post for. The first time I made the mistake of using just melted chocolate. And that kind-of works, but the chocolate is so thick that covering the ice-cream sandwiches turns out to be quite an adventure. Second time around, was a winner!

The secret is, to add some fat to the chocolate. You can use coconut oil like we did here, but you can also use a neutral flavor oil or shortening. This way, you get a chocolate so smooth and light, that it will start to harden as soon as it touches the frozen ice-cream sandwich. If you are working on more than a batch of 4, I recommend making them in batches of 2 or 3 morenitas, so they don’t melt while you’re working.

They keep for over a week, but we don’t think they will make it that long!



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