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Green Salad with Roselle / Rosa de Jamaica / Hibiscus Vinaigrette

One of our favorite recipes from Cemaco’s Kitchen and Table Catalog, this salad has a guatemalan touch with the hibiscus infused vinegar. The tartness of the hibiscus pairs perfectly with the Green Salad. Why green, you ask? Well, you have lettuce, green apple and celery. You can even add some green bell peppers if you like.

This salad recipe came together one Sunday afternoon when we had no tomatoes nor carrots for the salad. So we started with the lettuce, then celery for a good crunch, followed by the tartness of the green apples. That’s a good base. To make it better, we added both the grated parmesan cheese and the sliced almonds.

Now, the infused vinegar. We love to have a batch in the fridge at all times, specially during these summer days. This infusion gives this salad a bold and fresh lemon, tart, very berry-full flavor. And adding this to our crunchy salad, makes this combo a winner!

Helga & Kitty

Green Salad with Hibiscus /Roselle/Rosa de Jamaica Infused Vinegar

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Roselle / Rosa de Jamaica / Hibiscus infused Vinegar

Remember that we mentioned a surprise for one of our fans? Well, Sandy wrote us a comment in out Roselle/Rosa de Jamaica/Hibiscus Syrup, asking if we ever thought about making our own Hibiscus infused Vinegar. We went online looking for recipes, but we didn’t find one that we liked. Often they had some additional seasonings, and we love hibiscus as it is.

In case you didn’t know, herb, flowers and fruit infused vinegars are both budget friendly and easy to make. And this infusion in particular gives your salad a bold and fresh flavor. Don’t let the word infusion scare you. This basically means get the vinegar hot but not yet simmering, and pour it over dried hibiscus flowers. Let sit until room temperature, then place in the fridge for an extra day… and you’re set! Next thing you need, is a sterilized bottle and you’re done.

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we are!


Roselle infused Vinegar


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Roselle / Rosa de Jamaica / Hibiscus Salt

One of the most amazing things we have the joy to have here in Guate is Roselle (Hibiscus Flowers, Rosa de Jamaica) and it’s flavor is a trade mark in Guatemalan cooking. A few days ago I was making a fresh batch of Roselle Syrup, and while I waited patiently by the stove, I was looking for recipes to that used Roselle as part of their ingredients. But what if the Roselle could be something other than an ingredient but a seasoning? After browsing around I found that Hibiscus Salt can go for up to $20 on Amazon! Can you believe that? It’s crazy! There has to be a better way to get it, and this Hibiscus Salt recipe is the answer!

This is the perfect seasoning for Salads. You know the quick lunch salads that you just drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top? Just sprinkle this on top and your salad will get an entirely new twist. This salt is good just as is to sprinkle on fruit or veggies. Try it with Avocado! So many uses… And the color, oh so girly! This salt became (after just two days) a favorite! Make sure you try it too!

Salt can get extremely humid, so I used the Vanilla Salt I had made before and just mixed it with the ground dried roselle flowers. If you are using regular sea salt, make sure to follow the directions on the Vanilla Salt recipe so you can dry it out to avoid clumps.


Roselle Salt

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