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Bourbon Spice Cake with Bourbon Whipped Cream

We are so close to sharing the big surprise we have in store for you… In the meantime, here’s cake! This is the second time around I’ve baked this Bourbon Spice Cake. Last year I was planning on sharing it for the holidays, but I ended up baking it on Christmas, and I over baked it a little bit, and ended up a little bit too dry. Nothing that a little bourbon and whipped cream couldn’t handle. Second time around, was the charm. This year, I was able to take my time baking. Yesterday morning was perfect. Clear skies, the sun was shinning and the light in November is just unique. You don’t get this kind of light in March or April. The November light has always an orange hue that I absolutely love. I started preparing my mise en place, grabbed my camera… and the entire baking was smooth and easy.

The original recipe calls for shortening, but after testing it last year, butter was used instead. And I sifted the dry ingredients as well. You can easily double the recipe, and the cake comes out great. No issues there. Since I made it before, I can tell you, that because this cake uses molasses and brown sugar it is a sweet and sticky cake, so prepare your loaf pan with parchment and you will not be suffering when trying to unfold your masterpiece. To remove the parchment carefully, I didn’t take pictures of that part, but the easiest way is that after you remove the cake from the loaf pan with the parchment paper, let it sit for about 25 minutes, and turn the cake upside-down to a flat surface (or a second cooling rack) and peel the paper off. Then turn it back on its good side again and start brushing the bourbon like nothing happened.

Since I wanted a lighter topping on the cake, I prepared a sweet whipping cream and added some Jack Daniels as well. The liquor’s flavor is subtle, and compliments the cake very well. When tasting the cake, we also think this cake would do great with crystallized fruit!


Bourbon Spice Cake

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Christmas Cookie Roundup 2013

December should also be called the cookie month. Cookie baking is a tradition that many families have, including ours. We both started baking at a young age, and we both plan on keeping baking cookies every December. Today we are sharing with you the first part of our Christmas Cookie Roundup. This past year, The Foodies’ Kitchen has grown so much! We are thankful for each of our readers, each like, each tweet, each comment you leave on the blog and for each time a recipe gets forwarded to a friend. Because of that, we are going to showcase all of our Christmas Cookies recipes here, in both Spanish and English, as we have been translating all of our previous recipes.

We are sharing quite a few: Almond Cookies, Butterscotch & Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Butterscotch Cookies, Chocolate & Granola Squares, Chocolate and Vanilla Striped Cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, Chocolate Reindeer Cookies, Cinnamon French Toast Cookies, Classic Shortbread Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Honey Spritz Cookies, Tangerine, Thyme & Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies. And, our favorite royal icing recipe.

We hope you enjoy all of these cookies and share them with your family and friends!

Kitty & Helga

Christmas Cookie Roundup (Part 1)

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Warm Drinks Roundup for the Chilly Season

The end of year usually means shorter and chillier days that make us want to stay in bed a bit longer, longing for warm drinks. In Guatemala, we love to prepare Spiced Fruit Punch in this time of year. It’s a light and sweet drink that will warm you in no time. But what about the classic hot chocolate? Or even a grownup version with rum and Frangelico? We also have hot chocolate’s sister, called hot vanilla… a drink that will surprise you as much as it did us! And last but not least, the good ol’ Irish Coffee. You can’t go wrong there!

Kitty & Helga

Warm Drinks Roundup for the Chilly Season
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Easter Recipes

March is practically gone, and it seems like time keeps rushing by faster and faster.  This year we didn’t even have time to whip up any new recipes for Easter!  But we have gathered our best Easter posts from past years for you here so you can find inspiration for this Sunday’s festivities. Part of the reason for the lack of new posts is because we’re busy behind the scenes working on something new and special for our blog.  You’ll see the surprise soon…

There! the secret is out now, so we have just created more pressure for ourselves to get things rolling! But going back to the time topic, the other day I was reading an article about why time seems to go by faster and faster as we get older. Remember how the school year seemed to last forever? How summer vacations seemed longer, and how vividly we remember Christmas from our childhood?  Now, Christmas or other holidays seem to rush by without leaving a big impression. According to this article, the reason that best explains why we perceive time is going faster, is because our early years were filled with new experiences and first time events,  so we tend to make more lasting and more detailed memories of these events. When we repeat the same event, year after year, it is less likely to leave such a unique or lasting impression.

In short, the message on the article I read was that to, at least psychologically, slow down the pace of life we should  take advantage of new and unique experiences as much as possible.  When we do the same things, we don’t make distinct memories and time seems to fly by.  I’m sure there are many theories behind this question, but for now, the message that we should focus on positive past memories, live more in the present and try to have a positive outlook for the future and use our time wisely seems like sound advice.

Happy Easter!

Helga & Kitty


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