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Blackberry & Peach-Mango Yogurt Ice Cream Duo

Who said that you need an ice cream maker to make ice cream? With this method, you can make your own yogurt ice cream (or Frozen Yogurt, as it is its proper name) with a food processor, but it takes a little bit longer. You need to make it, freeze it, re-pulse it in the food processor and freeze it again. Hey, waiting a little time makes more sense to me than spending $80 on an ice cream maker. Not that I don’t want it. Of course I do.

Now, lets talk about the benefits of making your own ice creams: You add fresh fruit, honey and yogurt. Nothing else. Nothing you can’t name. Three magic ingredients that open up so many possibilities! Initially, I was only going to make the Blackberry Yogurt Ice Cream, but then I saw the peaches in the freezer and the mangoes in the counter. It was a sign from above. I found two great recipes!

After I made them, I tasted both ice creams for sweetness and they were perfect. After freezing them and about to pulse the ice cream into creaminess again, I tasted once more, just to find that they were not as sweet as they were the day before. I talked with Helga later that day and she mentioned that the sweetness is lost a bit during the freezing process (because of all the ice), so it was better for me to add more honey later on. Both recipes have been adjusted to show the final amounts of honey used.

Both recipes called for sugar, but I replaced it with honey. We still have some of that gorgeous organic honey we were gifted a month ago, so I am squeezing the last bits of sweetness from that bottle. Now, why the double pulsing on the food processor? Well, turns out that since we don’t have an ice cream maker, that mixes the fruit and dairy while keeping it cold, we are doing it separately. So, when freezing for the first time, we can gain some ice on top of the ice cream (that’s why we covered the top with plastic wrap as we do it with custard), and we need to incorporate that ice with the rest of the ice cream.

See? This is extremely easy and fun. I still can’t get pass the color of the blackberry yogurt ice cream. It’s just too gorgeous.


Fruit & Yogurt Ice Cream Duo

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Dairy-Free Mango Papaya Smoothie

I finally found bigger and riper mangos at the supermarket. Summer is the best for fresh fruit. Since the mangos were really ripe, they were unbelievable sweet. I paired them with papa for a monday morning smoothie. Browsing online, I found that most of the mango+papaya smoothie combos have yogurt, milk or coconut milk. Since both the papaya and the mango are fruits that are often used in smoothies to add creaminess, I wanted to avoid the milks and yogurt all around… So water it was. And a little bit of orange juice.

The result was a creamy smoothie, I popped it into the fridge for a couple of hours (while I went to the gym) and it was ready for when I went upstairs to the office. We hope you love it!


Mango Papaya Smoothie

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Brown Butter Crispy Treats

Brown Butter Crispy Treats? There are dishes you don’t mess around with, the originals are just perfect. After decades and thousands of people preparing the recipe, why on earth would you change it? A dessert made from Rice Krispies cereal bound together with a mixture of melted butter, melted marshmallows and vanilla. A classic! The marshmallows are melted with the butter, you add the vanilla, then the rice cereal. The mixture is stirred well to combine all and is then turned into a buttered pan, usually square, then let sit. When firm, they are cut into squares. The treats, were first called Marshmallow Squares, and were created by two Kellogg’s employees, Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day in 1939. Some literature suggests that these treats were developed to promote the cereal at a fundraising treat for a Campfire girls group (whom had the most famous marshmallows brand back in the day).

Now, after I prepared Deb’s Brown Butter & Hazelnut Cake, I was hooked on Brown Butter. Then.. it hit me. I either read something on Twitter or Instagram about Brown Butter and Crispy Treats. So simple, yet with so much potential. I searched online and found this recipe from Deb as well (Smitten Kitchen is awesome). So, I went to get my ingredients. Fresh butter definitely makes better recipes. Now, I took pictures for all the stages of the brown butter so you can see the color changes: yellow, to bubbles, to foam and then… the magic happens: a nutty smell with golden brown color. Make sure you stay watching the pot. The golden brown color can easily burn. Now, an additional tip. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known that mini marshmallows are much better when preparing treats, since they melt much faster and better. So make sure you use mini marshmallows if you have them available.

These crispy treats lasted less than the usual tray, so you know they are really good. The nutty flavor from the browned butter makes them over the top delicious! So now, take those extra 5 minutes (tops) to brown the butter and enjoy!


Brown Butter Rice Crispies Treats

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