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Blueberry, Tangerine and Spinach Smoothie

For the past weeks I’ve been replacing most of my morning breakfasts (and coffee) with fresh smoothies. A few days ago, I found this recipe with spinach. Have to say, I’ve been skeptical about spinach in my smoothies, but since this is the year of changes… I’m up for it! Surprisingly… this smoothie does not taste bitter like spinach. The tangerine and orange juice do a great job masking the strong flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spinach, but in savory dishes or salads… not sweet smoothies! But, this is just perfect. The tanginess of the blueberries paired with the juices make this smoothie a perfect match for a tough morning. After taking these smoothies, I’ve found no need of having a cup of coffee so early in the day. They keep me satisfied throughout the morning (and I am drinking more water than usual… yay!). I had a little mishap with the blender. The pitcher was starting to crack, so it leaked and I couldn’t blend it all the way to the consistency that I wanted: without all the bits and pieces you see in the photo. But, turned out great nonetheless. I’ve made it a few more times and with a new pitcher all is well again. The secret is to blend the spinach with the juice first, then the tangerines (as they have quite some juice in them) and lastly adding the blueberries. You could add ice, but since I am using frozen blueberries there was no need.

Don’t give the leafy greens the bad eye, give this Blueberry, Tangerine and Spinach Smoothie a chance!


Blueberry Tangerine Spinach & Smoothie

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Roselle / Rosa de Jamaica / Hibiscus infused Vinegar

Remember that we mentioned a surprise for one of our fans? Well, Sandy wrote us a comment in out Roselle/Rosa de Jamaica/Hibiscus Syrup, asking if we ever thought about making our own Hibiscus infused Vinegar. We went online looking for recipes, but we didn’t find one that we liked. Often they had some additional seasonings, and we love hibiscus as it is.

In case you didn’t know, herb, flowers and fruit infused vinegars are both budget friendly and easy to make. And this infusion in particular gives your salad a bold and fresh flavor. Don’t let the word infusion scare you. This basically means get the vinegar hot but not yet simmering, and pour it over dried hibiscus flowers. Let sit until room temperature, then place in the fridge for an extra day… and you’re set! Next thing you need, is a sterilized bottle and you’re done.

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we are!


Roselle infused Vinegar

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Valentine’s Chocolate Bark

Last Christmas I was packed with events since we had family from abroad, and one of the recipes I got to test (but not post) was this Chocolate Bark. For Valentine’s, I wanted to share this quick recipe. You can whip this up in a few minutes. What takes time is melting the chocolate, but after you spread it… you have at least 10-15 minutes until the next batch and after it’s done you can leave it overnight until you cut it in pieces.

On this occasion we are featuring a beautiful sushi plate by Oneida, which you can get here. They just did a soft launch of the site, and its looking great. They have an amazing selection of both dinnerware and flatware for your home.

Back to the Chocolate Bark, I found a couple of things: Get a good kind of chocolate. Go to your local bakery store and ask for both the dark and white chocolate for melting. If needed, they will give you a stabilizer for the chocolate (looks like shredded shortening) go ahead and buy a bit, the white chocolate reacts different when melting… And if you buy the white chocolate there, go ahead and buy the same brand of semi-sweet chocolate. I did some experimenting with different brands of chocolate and it separated/cracked in the middle when I was cutting the wedges.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Valentines' Chocolate Bark

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Strawberry Pancakes with Cream Cheese-Maple Syrup

I’m finally getting settled into my routine, the beginning of the year was challenging for me in terms of me being able to find the time to do all the things I need to get done everyday (which are a lot), including posting recipes.  I missed posting!

But I seem to have it all under control now (I hope!), and I am back with this recipe right in time for Valentine’s Day so you can enjoy a little something sweet for breakfast.  I wanted to try a new strawberry pancake recipe, but all I could find were pink colored pancakes.  That’s not what I was looking for. I decided to use my regular pancake batter and just add sliced fresh strawberries on top of the pancake, after I had poured the batter on the hot pan. I wondered if I could find an interesting syrup to go along with it?  I found just the thing in Marla Meredith’s blog, Family Fresh Cooking (we love her) a Cream Cheese Maple Sauce.

As decoration, just cut out a triangle shape on top of the strawberry to form a heart-like shape, then slice the strawberry in half of into thirds lengthwise. This pancake recipe can easily be doubled to feed a larger crowd. Typically, we use this recipe to feed 3 people, including my 5-year-old.  Same thing with the syrup.  This made just enough to cover my pancake stack, I added extra maple syrup to my pancakes once they were served.


Strawberry Pancakes

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